Push-in wire connectors
PC quick release couplings are used to connect wires of 1 mm to 2.5 mm diameters.  Their application eliminates the necessity of using additional tools, soldering, twisting of wires and it also considerably reduces wiring time. The couplings are made of transparent, self- extinguishing plastic which meets the reference standard No. UL 94V-2 (ensuring high visibility of the connection places).

The following types are available:
  • PC252-CL - to connect two wires (1-2,5mm2)
  • PC253-CL - to connect three wires (1-2,5mm2)
  • PC254-CL - to connect four wires (1-2,5mm2)
  • PC255-CL - to connect five wires (1-2,5mm2)
  • PC258-CL - to connect eight wires (1-2,5mm2)
  1. Before you start installation disconnect power supply!!! Take the insulation off to the distance of approximately 11 mm.
  2. Insert the wire without insulation to the coupling.
  3. Check the connection through tester's port by means of a phase searcher.