Marking tapes
Marking and Warning Bands.
The bands are used in power engineering to label underground power networks and they are produced in blue and red.
  • BLUE for cables of rated voltage below 1 kV,
  • RED for cables of rated voltage above 1 kV.
The band marking of the underground power networks is particularly important due to a huge danger to human life in case of damaged cable. The colour schemes as well as thickness of bands used to mark power networks comply with reference standards depending on network’s rated voltage. Raw products and materials used in these bands manufacture ensure their top quality and durability. YELLOW bands are used to mark gas grids. The WHITE and RED or YELLOW and BLACK warning bands, are universally used to enclose dangerous places as well as earth works. A warning band is characterized by high durability and mechanical resistance.
The colours and thickness of the bands used to describe the power networks is consistent with the reference standards dependent on the rated voltage of a network.